Upper Level Prep

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Study Material

Recommended Reading
USPC Upper Level Recommended Reading List

Tutoring Tuesday Webinars
Conditioning the Sport Horse
Protecting Our Cherished Equine Spaces & Places
Evaluating the Dressage Test at a National Level Certification
The Influence of the Training Scale/Pyramid in Dressage
H-B Prep - Using the Cards

UL Bandaging

Flow Charts
UL Standards of Proficiency

Comprehensive H/HA Study Materials
HA Study Guide (McKenzie Abbate, 2012)

Stable Management
C3 Stable Management (Mid Cal Region)
Stable Safety (Mid Cal Region attachment)
Emergency Planning Workbook (University of Kentucky)

Trailer and Travel Safety
Finding the Right Horse Trailer (Horse Journal, October 2014)
Horse Trailer Maintenance and Trailering Safety (Rutgers)
Travel and Trailer Safety (USRider)

Foot and Shoeing
Anatomy and Natural Trimming
Hoof Anantomy(Rhonda Davenport, 2007)
Foot Anatomy and Shoeing (Claudia Diffenbaugh, 2007)
Shoe Descriptions (Claudia Diffenbaugh, 2007)
Farrier Tools (Val Kozlowski, 2009)

Leg Anatomy
Hindleg Anantomy
Foreleg Anatomy
Tendons of the Lower Leg (dissections)

Diseases and Conditions
Vaccination Guidelines (AAEP)
Parasites (Mid Cal Region)
What Every Horse Owner Should Know About Parasites (University of California - Davis)
Diseases and Conditions Study Guide (Mid Cal Region)
Diseases and Ailments Quiz (Mid Cal Region)

Basic Equine Nutrition (Rutgers University)
Equine Nutrition (author unknown)
Nutrition - C3 level (Rhonda Davenport, 2007)
Nutrition - HA level (Rhonda Davenport, 2007)
Rules for Feeding (Claudia Deffenbaugh, 2005)
Buying Horse Hay (University of Wisconsin - Extension)
Nutrition/Pasture Management Quiz (Chris Knox - Intermountain Region, 2004)

Fecal Egg Counts (Dr. Abrahamsen, DVM)
Parasites (MidCal Guide)

Vaccinations (thehorse.com)

Teeth (Claudia Deffenbaugh)
Teeth (MidCal Guide)

Types of Bits-HB guide (Middle California region)
Bitting and Tack (Claudia Diffenbaugh)
Bits and Bitting (video from myhorseuniversity.com)

Study Guide - Teaching (Rhonda Davenport, Middle California Region, 2007)
Tips for a Good Unmounted Lesson
How to Teach a Skill (learningforlife.org)
Developing an Unmounted Lesson Plan (Rhonda Davenport, Middle California Region)

C3 Conditioning (Rhonda Davenport, Middle California Region)
Conditioning for Different Disciplines
HB Sample Conditioning Schedule
Cooling Out the Overheated Horse (Claudia L. Barton, DVM)

Testing Information

Upper Lever Candidates - Please download/print the following pertinent to the level testing:

Keep checking the Upper Level Testing schedule for changes!

Questions? Contact Beth Sypher regarding HB Testing or Tracy Ginn for C3 Testing.