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Message from the RS - Winter 2017

It’s winter and that means snow (and a lot of ice this year)! While many equestrians hang up their boots and tack now and wait for spring to arrive, Pony Club members do nothing of the sort!
The Northeast Region will have a lot going on this winter for it’s members (of all ages). We will be starting our HB prep study sessions soon- if you are an HB candidate keep an eye out on the region’s Facebook page for details. We have a pretty large group of C3 candidates this year (awesome)- so our RIC, Caitlin, will be organizing both unmounted and mounted prep clinics. Again, watch the Facebook page and your email for details. We also have a large group of D level members and we will be offering activities geared for D’s!
We would like to use the region Intent to Rate form again this year. If you are planning on taking any certification this year, please look for the link to the form here on our website as well as on our Facebook page. This helps us keep a good idea of what we should be offering for clinics and activities.
We have many things planned for 2017- Rendezvous, Quiz, Standards and Certificates Clinic, Dressage Rally, Showjumping Rally, D Rally, and more! Keep up to date on what’s going on so that you don’t miss anything. All of our clubs and centers keep an active calendar- check the calendar here to see what other members are doing, and remember that there is a TON of knowledge locally- join in with other clubs or offer to host inter-club activities! Thank you to all of our many volunteers, parents, and members for all you do for our region and USPC. Here’s to a great 2017!

Rachael Richmond
RS, Northeast Region Pony Club

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